Shorter mix of a longer version of one of Franz's songs called 'tangerine'. Full song available on Spotify and Apple Music.
Overall a very low-key vibey energy with a strong percussive element. It is a song titled after weed after all. Mostly I'm looking to make this something that is easy yet satisfying to look at. Not very high detail or polychromatic imagery. I kind of imagine this is the type of song you would chill with friends to, and I want the film to carry that same energy.
The Weeknd - I Feel It Coming (ft. Daft Punk)
If you watch no other video, watch this one. The way it makes you feel, the imagery, the syncopation of the editing, the stitched frames towards the end, the warmth/cool contrast, the strong backlighting and copious fill and top lighting, the geometric and organic lines providing graphic contrast, the simplicity of the stages. I might try to shoot into a very dark wall or into an overexposed wall and what Simms did for his 16mm and key out the background to create the space effects seen in this video, like at 2:37 or the sixth screenshot below.
A Tribe Called Quest - Hot Sex
This song provides inspiration for the color palette, overall warmth, set design (in terms of frame-within-frame), and some lighting. There's a fair amount of frontal and smart-side side/rim lighting. There's a lot more light on the set in this video than I would want in the actual video itself - trying to keep a low-key lighting scheme.
Baby Keem - Hooligan
Warmth is warmer when there's coolness to contrast with it. Brightness is more impactful next to dark shots. This video has a lot of the look I'm going for with some of the darker / cooler shots. Frontal spot light, hard shadows, warm skin tones against a cooler background. I will also take some inspiration in blocking from this video - the walking (though camera will be static in the entirety of my 16mm), the intentionality of placement of Keem and the other talent. Although there will only be Franz at my 16mm, this intentionality combined with the frame-in-frame technique of the ATCQ video will be enough for a strong composition.
Lighting Plans
Song Section
Overall Plan
Note: we are pending a completed shooting schedule.
We are shooting on stage 6. Currently there are four shots. One will be direct address A-roll of part of the song. The other three will be B-roll shots. Since he uses film samples in a lot of the songs on the album, I'm planning to use Stage as the actual backdrop. It's fine if we see a light in shot (so long as it's purposeful), because I kind of want it to be self-aware that it's on stage. Planning to spend most of the time rehearsing. There will be one shot in the breezeway and one shot with a moving lighting gag. One of the shots will require Franz to change his wardrobe. We will be using dolly for that shot and it will probably take some coordination.

For the wardrobe change shot and the changing shirt shot, I will be using a blue screen that I will be prerigging at 5 PM before class.

Max Rousso will be our CCO, so there will be masks off. There will now be haze. There will be no fire or weapons. I will be bringing my speaker to play the music on to give Franz something to go off of - just be aware of any sounds that don't sound like the song. This is why it could be helpful to listen to the song at least once before you come to set.

Excited to work with y'all!
Shot List
Shooting Schedule
Further References
The above is a YouTube playlist of music videos referenced here but also some extras.
Crew List
Gaffer: Hailey Port
Key Grip: Summer Sierra
1st AC: Lauren Dempster
Loader / 2nd AC: Patrick Dodds
Swing: Shannon Bartos
Swing: Sophia Williams
Swing: Katelyn Adkisson
Swing: Peter Buck

Talent: Franz Criscione
1st AD: Cassidy Scott
Dolly grip: Carter Bailey
CCO: Max Rousso
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