talk about you - Hannah Adams (Spotify) (Apple Music)

Lookbook is found on Google Drive.
Soft, quiet pop song about the rejuvenation that comes from being in love. One moment implying a breakup or otherwise painful moment ("he walked out, you walked in"), but otherwise a pleasantly infatuated perspective of someone.
The storyline of the video will follow a couple the morning after their first date. Emphasis on the feeling of closeness and intimacy and freshness in a new relationship. Very soft, very pastel, very light.
I see this being shot as either one take or a series of long takes. To me, being in love with someone feels like the only thing happening. It's a consuming experience that seems to happen without pause. I think too much cutting would get in the way of the story. It also wouldn't match the tempo and rhythm of the song to use a lot of cuts.

Single take, single location. Very simple concept. The single take builds tension.

Adds a lot more visual interest and metaphor / symbolism. Wide angle / telephoto mix is nice. Pace is good. Matches the tonality of the song better. Warm/cool tones, austere/vibrant locations. Just great contrast in every way. Geometric/organic. Great mix of shots of him singing and him not singing. Really interesting use of zooming.

Obviously, these stills are more a lot darker and moodier than is appropriate for the song for this project, but the play with colors, warm and cool contrasts, and geometric shapes would be fitting.

Lots of cuts. Works for this song because of the syncopated rhythm. Might also work for the project. Just goes to show it can work. I like that it shows two people throughout most of the video. Mostly or all B-roll, which could fit into the story of this project (a relationship can feel like a series of B-roll shots).

The color palette is closer to my initial vision as well: pastels, super soft lighting, very low-contrast. Pinks, purples, oranges, reds, yellows. Straying away from blue and cooler tones except as contrast.

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